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Lecture 8

SOCY 273 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Leila J. Rupp, Online Dating Service, Social Exchange Theory

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
Course Code
SOCY 273
Robyn Sattlink

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SOCY 273 – Lecture 8
Exchange theory
Individuals as profit seeking rational actors
Decision to enter and remain in relationship driven by profit calculation
Rewards – cost = profit
Catfish – people who pretend to be younger or a different person on online dating/
Equity Theory:
Considering your relationship as a whole, what you put into your dating
relationships compared to what you get out of it…and what your partner puts in
compared to what (s)he gets out of it, how does your total relationship ‘stack up’?
People who are equitable treated, tend to be more content with themselves
Critiquing individualized approaches
“Traditional” research – attraction or relationship as psychological phenomenon
Factors (usually within the person) result in psychological experience of
Assumptions about: gender; sexuality
Most studies assume that people are heterosexual
Assumptions about: attraction and relationships
We assume that all people want to be married or date someone
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