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SOCY 275
Stacey Alerie

12/21/2012 9:53:00 AM Left realism  Polar opposite positions  Theories before Marxism vs change social structure o Seek to mediate between  Still Marxist theory, focus on ways to control working class deviance o More practical engagement  Theoretical integration- needed things for definition of deviance o Police, victims, offenders, public  Control theories, labeling theories, anomie o Integrated theories  Policy recommendations o Improve streets, clubs, community based policing, community police, prosecute white collar criminals, regulate prostitution, target economic marginality, alienation, address social structure  Informal social control, community organization  Recognized fault in capitalism, less radical  Victims and criminals are all in the working class  State can still be responsible and can still reduce crime White Collar Crime  Illegal activities committed by corporations  Working class crime embedded in capitalism  Crimes of bourgeoisie - corporate deviance o More victimization from ruling class than victimization from street crime o Eg billions of dollars from corporate crime than street crime o Caused more harm than street crime  Failure of criminal justice system to punish these people o Media o Promotion of working class deviance  Most crimes are not defined as crime o Laws less likely enforced o Punishments never reflected extent of crime  Ruling class promoted on self interests, o Same values of state, o Criminal justice system recognized these interests and
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