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Week 1 What is Deviance 9132012 72600 AM How to study for this courseCome to class then readBrainstormingDiscussion Which of these are deviantSteve Irwin bringing his son into a crocodile feeding child in arm dead chicken in other arm o Different interpretations based on how we understand themhe has qualifications but it is abnormal to mostMen wearing swimsuits without topso 194542 men arrested for wearing swimsuits without tops o Whats deviant at one time may not be in anotherdiachronicPublicly claiming that the sun is the centre of this solar system o DiachronicGalileo was deviant for proposing the opposite at the time this changed later 1939 Pope calls Galileo as a hero o Deviance may be politicalwhen you challenge state rule easy to label as deviantTaking from the rich and giving to the poor o Deviantsome people do work hard for their money stealing personal property is illegal o NotRobin Hood for eg was considered a herosynchronicExposing ones self for beads o Depends on the culturegeographical locationnormal for during Mardi Gras not in other locationso Creative deviancebehaviour thats normally forbidden but becomes normalDelinquents drugsellers pimps o Examples of illegal behaviour but many questions about their level of deviancePolygamy o Illegal in Canada but government has a handsoff approach not an easily resolved issue Dressing up like a dog and holding hands with a stranger dressed like a rabbit furries o Sociabilitya purpose to what theyre doingo Dont always know that someone is deviant sometimes hiddeno Tend to base deviance on what we know about Approaches to Defining DevianceBy Illustration o Listing behaviours that qualify as deviance o Criticismswho makes one list may not make another list Whenwhere it is made is important Does not actually provide a definition of devianceThe Statistical Approach o Deviance as behaviour that is statistically rareanything that is not the averageo Deviation from the mean o CriticismsDoes not tell you how you would distinguish the above average side just the below average side usuallyDont actually know the definitionjust because it is common does not mean its normal viceversa No explanation for bimodal curves two curvesDeviance as Harmful o Deviance as behaviour with destructive results ie physical assault functional threat to the way society functions or ontological challenging the belief system Galileo harm o Criticisms Harms may be exaggerated or invented eg illegal drug studies that say alcohol and cigarettes are SO harmful but they are part of the goods and services By suppressing deviance we can cause more harm Less harmful deviance is not labeled as devianceSometimes people who are deviant do not cause harm mentally ill patients dressing differently Normative Violations o Deviance as departure from established norms o Public reaction is importantwhy are people reacting that way o Criticisms Breaking rules isnt enough jwalking not necessarily deviantNot all violations are not treated as deviant Codified rules not always held by everyone This definition does not tell us who made the norm why it is that way etcApproaches Continued most commonly cited Absolutist Definition of DevianceDeviance as a violation of universally agreed upon rulessuggesting value neutrality everyone accepts themCertain inherent traits in the person or the act that qualifies that person or act as deviantif you deviate there is something inherently wrong with youHills Deviance is a departure from an absolute set of valuesAccording to this view fundamental human behaviour may be classified as inherently proper or conversely selfevidently immoral evil and abnormalCriticismsassumes that we all agreeRelativist Reactionist Definition of Deviance our definition todayNo fixed features that define deviancein the eye of the beholder because it is relative to particular settings and standardsDeviance is socially created by collective human judgments HillsDeviance is viewed primarily as a matter of human evaluation and differential powerCriticismsif you think things are based on collective judgment you may not be deviant if you are unseen Definitions on Moodle Our Deviance DefinitionDeviance is a 4part outcome of a social process4 Elements o Motivated observersneed someone to see it to put the label on it o Observed deviantsthe person doing something wrong o Cultural standardscultural norms in place
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