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Lecture 2

Week 2: History of the Web and Cyberspace

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SOCY 284
Ryan Martin

Outline 1 Technological Revolutions 2 A Brief History of the Internet 3 The Metaphor ofCyberspaceCaution Predications Ahead It is impossible to transmit speech electrically Thistelephone is a myth1860Everything that can be invented has been invented1889No Reason anyone would want a computer in their home1977 How did we get to the position where everyone has a computer in their home Cant predict what people want in the futureTechnological Revolutions exercizing all worst of influences social moral andpolitical precipitating upon us novel problems cleansed by the antiseptic of commonunderstandingon Radio Voices will have a voicepolitics democracy accessible Technology is the driving force of society Accompanies social interest and changetechnology is the outcome of societys needs Both are wrongit is a mutual shaping process it is a mixture of technical and socialchange depending what youre looking forBrief History of the Net Computers are reconceptualized as communication devices rather than calculatingmachines The task of networking becomes dominant
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