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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

325 Foundations of knowledge in everyday life Marx theory and berger and luckman. Parsons as well. Then bourdieu. Theme- social theorists focus on structure or agency. Berger and luckman Society as objective reality Berger and luckman are involved with the social construction of reality. How does human activity create the world of things. How I the social world constructed. Everyday life begins in individuals actions and thoughts.our thoughts come from what we create. Thoughts and actions are focal point We deal with multiple realities. the world we live in is comprised of multiple realities. Eg university, parents, peers, sports. All. Utile realities that we juggle and move between. Reality of everyday life is taken for granted. It is the dominant reality we deal with. It is an ordered reality. Prearranged patterns independant of apprehension of them. It's objectified. Objects that existed before we appeared them. Society is an objective reality. It's ordered and we are the ones who move through it. The everyday life structures our activity. It is already structured and it structures us. We share our understandings of the objectification of the world with others. It is an inter subjective world. Interaction is the primary basis of everyday life. It reveals subjectivity. Face to face is the prototype of interaction. These interactions are based on schemes of typification. It is a continuum from face to face typifications to anonymous and generalized typifications. Reciprocal process of typifications during interactions. Teacher vs student. Parent vs child. We draw on recipe knowledge and stocks of knowledge that structure our interaction. Typifications exist in stocks of knowledge. Everyday life and face to face to interaction and the creation of knowledge. Main focuses. They focus on everyday life. Everyday life encompasses a lot oh phenomenon. Social structure is the sum of reciprocal structures make up reality. Interactions are part of a larger social structure. It creates society as an objective reality. Interaction leads to knowledge. Eg Marx and labour force. Language and communication makes up interaction. Language is central tool in face to face interaction that created typified interactions. We create our world through thought and actions. Thoughts and actions are made through language. Humans express themselves through objectification. We externalize our subjectivity. Language creates signs and communications. Which is central to everyday life. Our lives centre around language that creates knowledge. Objectification allows for the creations of signs. Our actions create objects. We externalize our subjectivity in actions, using language, signs, and communication. A structured set of meanings- language. Meanings get interpreted.meaning is constructed through language. This is knowlege. Language creates signs and it transfer meanings. Language reveals subjectivity in interaction. Language is expansive. Knowledge We draw upon stocks of knowledge. Unconsciously and automatic. It is a part of us. Language allows know,edge to accumulate. Different stocks of Knoeldge give typification schemes for the routine for everyday life. We use stocks of Knoeldge for every reality we live in. Different stocks f knowledge for different realities. Human action creates a world of things. Human actions creates society as an objective reality. Humans are biological species. Our biology has thoughts and actions that create the world around us. our action is always social action. Our actions are interactions, that draw upon stocks of knowledge. Our true nature is beyond biology. We create the world in which we live. Materially and socially. It is a structured reality that has some permanence. Our true nature is sociocultural. Social interaction creates the world. Humans creat
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