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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

325- society as objective reality How do Instutions hang together - the knowledge in Instutions is what everyone knows - knowledge that holds insitutions together is a form of social control Stocks of knowledge are what we have been exposed to and have settled in our minds. We unconsciously draw upon knowledge that we alady acquired. It is sedimented knowledge. A process of tradition. Memory is a process of sedimented knowledge. Collective sedimented knowledge. Shared knowledge. Insitutions create a world of objective reality. We create the insitutions. Sedimentation and tradition - most of social life is sedimented, experiences and memory - inter subjective sedimentation and experienced becomes social memory Languages and signs are critical to social memory Tradition precedes the individual and determines appropriate action Appropriate action, what is legitimate? Rational and authoritized action Legitimation- process of making something correct, authorized, legitimate What happens in everyday life? Central aspect of social life and scology Everyday life begins in people's thoughts and actions. How do these thought sand actions create a world that takes its own objective reality. We live in multiple realities. Our everyday life reality is the most important. Face to face interaction is best interaction because of reciprocal typification. Language is most powerful in create signs and signification is critical in making a social order seem authorized and unchallenged. Language and signification is central in everyday life. Signification allows us to accumulate knowledge in stocks of knowledge. Habitualized and then institutionalized forms take on a life of their own, then they are seen as legitimate. It now structures us. Process of sedimentation and formation of tradition is what determines what is appropriate. seen as legitimate Legitimation - what is authorized. Best described as second order- produces meanings that serve integrate the meanings already attached to institutions. Create a meaning system that integrate insitionalized processes. Takes on. An objective reality. Legitimation makes something objectively available, everyone can see it. It justifies what is going on. Legitimate makes something subjectively plausible. Accurate. Correct. Legitimation makes things seem correct and appropriate. Make the world in which we live be plausible way to live and for things to be this way. Legitimation- it has always been done this way. Ppart of social order. People follow legitimation . objective reality that constrains us rests on our understanding of it. Change our understanding and we clan change on how things should be done. Different way of thinking about the world will create a different order that will have a different social system that will ultimately change the lives of individuals. challenging stocks of knowlege. Not just adopting the stocks of knowledge and controlling them. You have to change them. A new society should not replicate habitualized and institutionalized
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