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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

325- Marx basic premises 1859 critique of political economy Diffenent way of looking at society as an objective reality Compares and contrasts Berger and luckman -focusing on interaction in everyday life, typification, meaning systems, signs, language. Habitualized action to traditional action, to social systems that are objective through legimtation Marx- what is social life Basic premises Production is the most essential feature of societies Marx focuses more on actions rather than thoughts from Berger and luckman Real individuals their activities and their material conditions in which they live Material conditions shape human life, they have to have food and shelter. This builds social relationships. Act of social production creates lives. Production of life through material conditions. Human labour and productive process. Social production Production in general- every society has to produce. Universal conditions of humans. But we produce in different ways. Eg communist, slave societies, feudal societies, capitalist societies. Specific ways of human producing their living. History and change are fundamental to human production Humans without choice are born into a social world. Born into a set of social relations. determines the rest of their lives. Eg being born a slave We are born into a world where there already exists material forces of production. Those material forces of production will determine and constrain social relations which will then determine our lives. Eg capitalism or slaves. Material forces of production and social relations f production create foundation of social life. The totality of relations of production form economic infrastructure. Creates foundation for which everything else depend upon. Base determines superstructure. Society becomes objective reality that we create that constrains and confronts us Economic base- foundation. Determines the rest of the social structure. Superstructure- legal system, political system, intellectual process of life.economic foundation can limit possibilities. Eg human freedom, slave society. Base- economic infrastructure. Base is a mode production, produces life. Feudal and capitalist production. The mode of production(material forces of production- real human beings using material conditions to crate their lives. Eg wage workers creating for their workers. This leads to social relations of production- eg slaves and those in power. Feudalism, king, and peasants. Creation of social relationships. Shapes POLTIICAL, legal, and intellectual systems. Mode of production shapes all these. It structures the everyday life. Marx believes infrastructure determines everyday life, language,e and knowledge Societies are unstable and contradictory nature of social life, it creates social change. Instability comes from the material forces of society comes to contradict social relations. Then the infastructure creates contradiction for the superstructure. Eg feudal society.kings. Seen as leaders, control and own land. Contorl land through dividing between warriors. Creates feudal system and create stability after the fall of roman empire. Peasants now farm the land, they produce surplus of agriculture. surplus allows others to contribute to other things. Emergence of skilled. Craftwork. Then emergence of guilds in the kings castle. Creates consumer goods for kings court. Emerg
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