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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

325, enlightenment Kant Enlighten- to give spiritual knowledge or insight. Greater knowledge.. The enlightenment. Can be used in a religious context. Unam sanctum, theological process. Bringing knowledge from the great chain of being. Secular enlightenment, where it came from. Aufklarung- emergence of humankind from self imposed immaturity. Process of enlightenment. People accept authority and commands from others. People are happy to be directed. Enlightenment is daring to know. - Kant. It is a challenge to know what is happening now. What is the present life, who are we are? Who we are is shaped by where we are.. Who are we, do we passively accept or do we change the world? An ontology of the present, an ontology of ourselves. Knowing who we are. What is the basis of the present. Discover about ourselves instead of others informing us. Enlightenment emphasized individual education. Education of experience (Kant) Enlightenment- progress, freedom, mastery Progress - changing our focus. Looking at present state of the world.. ----- Introduction of the modern world. Progress is more subtle and more profound. Need to find a dynamic element that leads to progress. What creates the drive for progress.french revolution represents progress . Wishful enthusiasm for civil freedom and peace. Humans have desire for freedom and for order and peace. Gaining freedom will only occur in an environment with stability. Progress is a measure of how much freedom and stability of our world. We create freedom when we create stability. Progress is freedom and stability. Freedom- In order for enlightenment to occur we need total freedom in the public sphere. Must be able to explore the world. Freedom can be constrained in order for enlightenment to progress. Enlightenment will involve a paradox. Freedoms allows for peoe to develop and intellectual development. Sacrificing freedom gets things done, need certain restriction of freedom. It prov
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