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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

Socy 325 Berger and luckman Berger and luckman. They want to establish the sociology of knowledge as the centre of scoiolgy. Te world we live in socially constructed. Sociology of knowledge is th social construction of reality Weber- the factual and objective world is made up our social understanding of the world. The social world has interpretative meaning. Durkheim- factual and objective world. What does the everyday life look like? Look at everyday life is made up of interactions. Objectifications, language and knowledge. Social world originates in thoughts and actions. Maintained by thoughts and actions. We take reality for granted, we live in everyday day life. We are familiar with the world but we don't stop think about it. It is just part of our routine. Our individual everyday lives is what creates communities, societies. The complex world begins with individuals acting in their own everyday life. The daily routine has implications on the lives of us and others. eg teacher teaching students. everyday life of Obama has affect on us. Diffnt everyday lives are different based on power. The decisions we make have impacts on individuals. Everyday life experiences is central in maintains society as a whole Evydya life we are born into, we are born into others everyday life, born into a social world and we learn to be conscious of it. We act within the social world, then we create our own everyday life. Our awareness and our actions create the life. We maintain this world through engaging with the world and through our actions. Praxis- theory and practice and action. Consciousness and action. Our everyday live is is carried out through praxis. Our common sense is what we draw on when we engage in everyday life. Common sense becomes the consciousness we rely on. Consciousness and following a routine, common sense. Consciousness is intentional, it leads to actions and outcomes. We shift our consciousness to different things throughout our everyday life Common sense forms consciousness that we direct to actions, which then becomes routine. We deal with multiple realities. Only one presents itself as our reality, and this becomes the everyday life reality. Reality of everyday life is an ordered reality. Appears as objective reality. Reality is independent of us, it exists on its own even without us. But we interact with it. We objectify the reality with language. We make sense of the world using language. We interact with it and make sense of it. Reality of everyday life - contains tools we use. Involves a web of social relationship. We use these tools habitually. Language, resources. We experience everyday life in terms of closeness and remoteness. We favor what is close to us. We focus on here and now. Everyday life is also a reality to others. I
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