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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

Socy 325 (frye) Hierarchy- level of observation, while we observe our emotions and intellect act independantly. Creates contemplate and speculative phase. Emotions and intellect act separately. Human is sperate for natural world. We observe and classify the world, then we understand the world. When we ant to change something we move to the level of action Level of action- changing things and humanizing the world. Practical activity. Emotions and intellect act together. Higher phase than first level. Next level - realm of imagination. World of association. The mind is free to imagine whatever it wants. Metaphor. Nothing happens at this level unless you move to action level Relates to Descartes and unam sanctum. Association between us and then natural world and gods creations. Hierarchy of knowledge, theological world. We see the world from a theological perspective. Descartes- creates rational basis for empircal science. Deduction to arrive at principles. Mind body dualism. Finding the basis for knowledge. Compliments religious world view. Trying to understand the world made my god, using reason. Using reason to understand truth. Does not entroduce scientific world view but still practices it.Analysis and synthesis, emotion and intellect. Uses human reason. Newton- empirically based approach. Analysis and synthesis- reason as an active force. Pursuit of universal laws. challenge hierarchy of knowledge and god and theology. Emphasizes analysis and observation. Using reason to get generalized laws. Experimentation. Progress- enlitenment. Industrial revolution. Humanizing the world. Infinite knowledge shown with the development of technology. Shift from theological world view from practical knowledge as being most important. Philosophy- best use of human reason to get practical knowledge, shift from philosophy and theology to philosophy and science. Using reason for practical knowledge, getting universal laws about the natural world. Arts and theology are now seen as important i
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