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Queen's University
SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

325 bourdieu and Berger and luckman subjectivity - Structuralist constructivism - Structures have fields, fields had positions, and these positions compete in the field.. Compete in the field with capital. - Economic and cultural capital have Implications on how you are pieced in the field. Symbolic capital. Social capital- networks. Based on economic or cultural capital, or your positions in the field you will either have less or more social capital. We have to maintain these networks. Structural side of bourdieu. Berger and luckman subjective reality. Maintenence and transformation of subjective reality. - Society exists as an objective and subjective reality. There is objective reality as structures, but agency is subjective. - People internalize the world as an objective reality. - Subjectivity is important to berger and luckman - Dialectic relating the subject and objective. Uses the 3 processes of Externalization, objectivation, and internalization. We create the world. Social construction of reality through actions and knowledge. We externalize things inside of us to create the world around us. - We can't externalize and create the world until we internalize the world. Internalization occurs before Externalization. - Creating objects and creating the social world. - The most important aspect of objectivation is signification and using language. In face to face interaction we create meaning by externalizing our subjectivity. Process of creating the world through signification and knowledge. This is more important than anything else. Dialectic Relationship - The individual is not born a member in society, but they are born into sociality - We are social beings. The process of being social creates who we are. Subjectivity creates us. Sociality allows people to get involved in the social construction of the world. - They become involved in the social dialectic. You become a member in society through social dialectic. In order to externalize, you have to internalize. Making society part of us. - The subjectivity of others is available to children. Through social interaction and signification. Emotional signification. Objective world will be objectified and internalized through emotional ties and then physiologically. Internalization of social reality - Starts With internalization of others. Internalization the subjectivity of others. Exchange of emotion and signification. - Then apprehension of the world as a meaningful social reality. Taking over the world in which people already live in. The complex world has to be internalized. Once this happens then you can externalize. - Taking over the world in which others already live o Understanding others subjectivity, understanding the world in which they live. o That world becomes your world. Sharing that world reciprocally. Each other participate in each others being. - Children are taught by their parents, learning from the subjectivity of them. o Their world is the chi
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