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SOCY 325
Rob Beamish

325 bourdieu Field and strucuture space, capital Subjective. Agency. And Habitus - Habitus exists within a field. The space creates opportunities to understand the world around us. - Habitus is located in a physical and social space. The person comprehends thr world from a specific position - Practical comprehension is not just intellectual comprehension, it is an experience, they have body knowledge and skills. - Habitus is embodied in the way people talk and act - Capital determines where you at and determines where you go. - Practical knowledge is important in socialization. - Berger focuses on language knowledge Social space is defined by mutual exclusion. - Fields have positions positions distinguish between people. - A space has positions that characterizes one position relative to other positions Distinction - There is a quest for distinction. - Distinct is distinct from others. Individuation. - Distinction as distinguished from others. o not just individuation, but distinguish oneself. o Using cultural capital to make one disintct and to be distinguished. o Distinction through capital. Field shapes Habitus and dispositions. - Habitus is a system of dispositions. An organized set of actions. - A way of being. A habitual state. Mental constitutions, temperament, tendency, inclination. A mental framework and ideas. - Habitus involves a certain way of talking and acting. Different fields have different Habitus. - Habitus is a system of structured structures that function as structuring structures. o Lol wut - It is a sense of how to go in a social space,field. - Habitus structures the way I act. - Draw upon Habitus to create the world. It is a structure. - We reproduce the same structures we exist in. - Habitus is a predisposition, it shapes action and distinction in the field. - Habitus means feeling at home in a particular location. A field. - Habitus is distinct to certain fields
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