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SOCY 326 - Weeks 1, 2 & 3

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SOCY 326
Annette Burfoot

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SOCY 326 11sr21queensuca TA Steve Rose Office HoursTutorial 4330430 Watson 207 thWednesday January 11 2012 Picture of sweatshop working women having thrown themselves to their death from sweatshop windowFire started owner had locked them in How we deal with things begins to changeThe need for social change The bodies of women who hurled themselves to their death to escape fire when locked in their New York sweat shops points to this needDoes that change happen incrementally Through widespread revolutionIndividually Through identification with an economic class With gender PoliticsWhats at stakesociology concerned with recognizing accounting for and representing this thing called society in large scale terms eg the scope and macro social impact of industrialization thEarly to Mid20 Centurysocial theory Frankfurt schoolcritical theoryshift in ideologychiefly European approached the question of power in society and in more varied ways than political economy eg critical theory of ideologyglobalization massive expansion widespread activation of industrialization and capitalism increase in democracymacrolevel change and responses with said changeconcerns about how society on a large scale is organizedsecond world warpropagandaa way of selling an idea to a large amount of people in a way that wasnt obviousMarx argues that social change was defined politically and economically and should occur at a revolutionary widespread levelOthers especially the Critical theorists of the Frankfurt School started to trouble this understanding of power and change using ideology to understand how society is structured in a complex way and how power could be manifested in tricky waysthMid20 Centuryconcept of power comes from the phenomenologists philosophy based on experience of the self the process of viewing the world as an individual is important long based on Enlightenment principles such as individuality rationalism positivism and the Grand Narrative canons Fundamentally explored and reformedWe worship individuality ex knowledge is individually held But is this true Knowledge as socialization Innate intelligence that has to be brought forward this has long been commonThe role of the individual in social change expands in European sociology theory in terms of phenomenology and exported during and after WWII to American sociology in terms of social production of self dramaturgy symbolic interactionismThe self is seen in interplay with social structure in terms of social structuralism and norms Political Contextsthese things are linked theoretically what happened in the past effects the present and future 1 End of Enlightenmenta 1920s1940 persecution of the Jews b Notion of justice is a society working or not is it fair c Ethics remains involved but is broadened terrorism Africa MidEast d Influenced the civil rights movement influenced how people reacted to unjust behavior in the US also traces still in terrorism today 2 End of Imperialism a 1962 Algiers ousts the French after almost a century of brutal colonization i A lot of theorists came from Algiers or had experience in Algiers ii Algiers is a French colony colonized for over 100 years it is a Muslim country changed their language way of education social norms etc 1 Watch clip on moodle Battle of Algiers iii Form of terrorism undermined authority and power b Change in global politics c The awakening of a sense of justice in the west its terms are that of democracy d Imperialism is replaced by ideological control and terrorism 3 End of Marxism a 1968 Paris student revoltb Ideological struggle in terms of who has control of information and the message How can this message be used c All of the theorists have experiences with the Paris revolt d Not a class based unemployment crisis 50 were unemployed i Could be upper and middle class especially middle class kids who were out of work e For the first time university students took the streets protesting the protest failed
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