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Lecture 1

STAT 263 Lecture 1: Stat 263 Lecture Notes Week 1, Lecture 1

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Queen's University
STAT 263
Charles Arthur Molson

Lurking Variable (Confounding Variable): variable that has an important effect on the relationship among the variables in a study, but is not included  Important, but not really studied Ex. In a study of the correlation between exercise and brain function a lurking variable may be eating habits, genetics, or stress of those studied Population: A set of data consisting of all possible (or hypothetically possible) observations of a given phenomenon Two Broad Categories of Statistics:  Descriptive Statistics (mean, average, stdv.)  Inferential Statistics (if sample looks like … what can we say about the population?) Descriptive Statistics: The use of numerical and graphical methods to summarize the information revealed in the data, and present it in a convenient form Inferential Statistics: Involves making estimates, decisions, predications and other generalizations about a population based on the study of a subset of the population Categories of Data:  Categorical data (qualitative)  Numerical data (quantitative) Nominal Data: A type of categ
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