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ACC 110 Lecture Notes - Earthbound

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Marla Spergel

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Shangara Flora, Eleanor Yip, Kunal Verma and Waleed Mubashir
Feminism in Oryx and Crake
Definition: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic
equality to men.
In Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake, society no longer values femininity. The
only valid lifestyles are those that contribute to society in a malleable way; science is for
the elite and intelligent.
Females and those associated with femininity are seen as weak, unintelligent, and
Crake is the ultimate in masculinity; he extorts the feminine Oryx and Jimmy to do
his work for him.
in the end she shows that the feminine qualities in the world are just as important as the
masculine, as they are an important part of human nature.
1) Jimmy’s father neglecting his mother
2) Uncle En using her for his own incentive
3) Amanda Payne told him to not work at Anoyoo, but he ignored it.
4) The way his mother treated him is reflected on his interactions with women at an older
age, such as his mother leaving him. Sleeps with several women to fill empty void in his
life left by women figures in his life goes through a cycle of many women in college.
5) Manipulative: she knows what the men want, and changes her persona based on their
needs, uses manipulation to get back at men and empower herself in a sense (ie. Crake =
business women, teacher to Crackers, Jimmy=social, wants sex because that’s what
Jimmy wants)
6) The women protagonists in the novel, were the first to die and had no say in it to prevent
their death showing their lack of empowerment
7) CRACKERS: Mating: Always one female, 5 male
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