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Margaret Buckby

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Slide 1: Occupational hierarchy of prestige Supreme court judge 1. Professionals a) teachers/profs b) Physicians c) Chartered accountants d) Dentists e) Engineers f) Architects g) Lawyers 2. White collar a) Successful independent entrepreneur b) Executive c) Managerial d) Supervisory e) Clerical 3. Technical a) Computer types, software and hardware programming 4. Skilled trades (aristocracy of labour) a) Automotive b) Tool and dye c) Electricians d) Carpenters e) Tinsmiths 5. semi0skilled work: McJobs a) McJobs (service sector) b) Sales clerk c) Manufacturing (assembly) d) Truck drivers 6. Unskilled a) Janitorial b) Migrant farm workers (see John Steinbecks, Grapes of Wrath family living in Oklahoma in 1930s, weather was really hot; draught everywhere, people had to sell their farms, this book is about a family that had their farm taken away from there, they went to california as migrant farm workers.) c) Street sweepers d) Shoe Shiners Social stratification about social inequality. Social complexity argument jog complexity or occupational complexity. How many distinct occupations do you find in a society. As societies becomes more modern, occupational complexity increases (we get more occupations). Some call it a complex division of labour (aka. number of occupations). Social differentiation biological term, certain biological organisms are more complex than others. Modern societies are more complex. There are 4000 occupational specializations. Some occupations pay more than others, give you more prestige than other occupations. These relationships are established historically. Over time, certain relationships among occupations are established. i.e. Historical relationships of occupational inequality. E.g. if postal workers startmaking more money than teachers, teachers will complain to school boards to get paid more, so they can re- establish the historical relationship. Slide 6: Those who work in a given occupation will use whats called the legitimacy argument I make more money than you do, because its justified, more training, more education, more training. Slide 7: Some individuals earn unusually high salaries (and become famous) because they have natural talents at activities that are widely admired, in part because the activities are fulfilling recreations that many have attempted themselves. Although talent and effort matter, rewards follow only when these are refined into particular skills. But who gets to develop which skills depends on access to learning environments. Many skills are relative: People can only develop to the level of those to whom they are exposed. When individuals begin to participate in formal education, what they encounter varies in compatibility with earlier experience, mostly gained with family members. For the vast majority of income earners, it is their ability to communicate persuasively, think critically, reason logically, and work creatively that affects the occupations they hold and the incomes they receive. Intelligence is unequally distributed, some score higher some score lower on IQ tests. Slide 8: Human capital theorists each and everyone of us possess a human capital like skills/knowledge. Theres a powerful link between education and income. Gaetano Mosca: argues in the book that inequality is inevitable in society. No society can exist without a political system, political system i
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