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ACC 414
Franklyn Prescod

 Mid-term  Final  Ultimate Questions  Modern world is dominated by science and its child which is technology  Steve Jobs dealt in technology  technology comes from science  In the application of technology, steve jobs was talented and as a business man  He was a technology guy, using technology right now as am i  Technology comes from Science  New Kids On the Block  social sciences, natural sciences, been around much longer o Social sciences, psychology, economics, political science  Sciencesociologists knowledge of the world is attained from research  What sociologists try to use is the scientific method  Scientific approach cannot answer all questions we have about life  Some of the more important questions we have about life/existence  Science cannot deal with these issues  Science cannot handle ultimate questions  Is it possible to lead a meaningful life, full of significance and content  Are all ways of life futile  Science has no answer  Important question 2. Is there an unmoved mover? o Means a first cause of the univers (unmoved mover) o Science can’t give us an answer to that  3. What happens to us when we die? o Questions on the soul are specifically reserved for religion and sometimes philiosphy o Religion deals with ultimate questions  Science deals with factual questions  Factual questions are imperical questions  Imperical questions represent evidence and evidence is obtained from using the scientific method  Scientific method brings facts to bear on a question  When science talks about a first cause of the universe, it can appeal to scientific facts or what appears to be the first cause, the big bang theory (happened 13.7 billion years ago)  Big bang in world  According to many physicists  Stephen Hawkins  nothing existed  If you know a little bit about philosophy, it is illogical to say something comes from nothing  Something must have existed prior to the universe  What religion says about that is first cause or God  We can work out when big bang took place  But when we asked what came before the big bang then you have to employ religion  That is why god figures are common in religion and are responsible for creating the universe  Many people get carried away with science that gives us answers virtually to everything  Science gives us some answers and can answer some questions where we can gather evidence o We call that empirical evidence  Science is based on experience  Experience shapes perception, how we see reality, what patterns we see in the world  When he talks a
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