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1. Who will be the main users of’s financial statements? What will each use the financial statements for?  Owner: Heza Nerd, would like to see the financial statements to reflect the economic activities of his company’s performance. He would further want to use these as a means of internal control and feedback. Of course since he has taken a large sum to start his new business and will most likely need further loans and for this reason profit maximization is also important. Cash flow predictions will allow him to both effectively make sound business decisions and to appear more attractive to potential creditors. Finally, these financial statements will help him in management evaluation- With no background in business he must monitor Jim Dandy.  Management: Jim Dandy, although he has agreed upon a minimal salary he will be driven to “dress up” financial statements to the best of his abilities because his bonus will be based on the net income of the annual income statement.  Banker/lender/potential creditor: The bank, as a lender the bank will want to use financial statements to ensure enough cash and collateral is available. Since it has given $100’000 as a loan and there is high probability of interest in performance evaluation of  CRA: To ensure proper taxable income is reported and rules are followed. 2. What are the objectives of each of the users identified in 1? Creditor – use it as an indicator of future income or cash flow since they significant impact the ability of the company to pay back the debt. Monitor contract compliance since it is often that a loan comes with a certain contract terms. Management – Tax minimization and earning management. Profit maximization and performance evaluation will be the primary concerns regarding the financial statements. Because a stewardship relation exists he will want to prove his management skills through earnings management. His objective will be to record expenses early and to report lower earnings in the early periods and higher earnings at year end. Owners - Stewardship – to ensure that resource entrusted to the manager has been used efficiently and effectively. Management evaluation – management use it to evaluate the performance of the manager. Canada Revenue Agency – They use it to predict the amount of income to be paid by the company and ensure the compliance of income tax law. 3. What revenue and expense recognition policies would satisfy each of the objectives in 2? is a proprietorship, although it has been given a choice between IFRS or PE- GAAP it would suit Heza Nerd to adhere to PE-GAAP for simplicity and more explicit guidance. He has the option to convert to IFRS for the strategic and business reasons such as an IPO etc. Revenue recognition: Recording revenue as late as possible would be the objective of management however this does not truly reflect on the underlying economic activities of the business. It would serve the owner’s objective of performance evaluation if revenues were recorded as earned. Finally it would serve the investors best to record revenue on sales basis. There is a great degree of moral hazard present in this case and the financial policies chosen should be to record revenue as it is earned. For each plan the following: Pay as you go plan. Problem. Collection of revenue. Although the user is charged $1.00 for every song they download, what is the likelihood of collecting the money from the user? What if they use a stolen card? Revenue should not be recognized i
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