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ACS 103 Lecture Notes - Megaron, Indo, Streams

Arts and Contemporary Studies
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ACS 103
Ron Babin

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Ancient Greece
September 18th, 2012
The culture of creets politically its part of Greece a poorer part in classical period
was a backwater
Nothing was known about there culture until 20th century
Mentioned a guy named minos who kept monster called minitor
He exacted a tribute of 50 young men and women who were to fight or to be
eaten by the initior
A young man named thesus volunterred to go when he went to the underground
tunel took a ball of string when he got to the minitiro somehow killed the minitor
and got free
Basically all we know about them
Brit guy said lets go dig in KNOSSOSS found the civilization very advanced and
wealthy realized lasted for a good amount of time
Discovered in the kreets writing hieroglyphic a and b and linear a and b
Archealogists in the end were able to determine number of periods they called it
in minoah number of periods were identified
Through a period of 700 years they appeared to be a very powerful and wealthy
Probably a society who worshiped dietys
Two types of relgions agrucultirally based ex. Goddess of crops the later gods ae
sky gods ex. Zeus mars Jupiter etc and they seem to come in with indo European
Were influenced by concept of the stars and skies above us and is sky gods who
basically went out in the end
Importantly as well kreetans seemed to be great sailors at least were active as
sialers and traders throughout the eastern medditerreian
As far as greeks were concerned as kong as kreetan was a predecessor doesn’t
have great infkuence but no continuity between krettean civ and classical
Around 1876 sleeman started digging at a site called myceninc at
the time just a small town
Started to find trememndous amount of material from advanced
Clearly very different from krettan and clasicall greek civ
The earliest occupants of these sites were not greek speakers
came in around 1850 bc in large groups
Also suggested earliest distraction was also from invasion of the
nirth greek spekers or not
Themyceniean cukture demonstrates number of technologies that
did nto appeasr to be in earlier cultures in the area
Most importsnly the horse that was used for carrying wagons
Important potters wheel only begins in this area with the
emergence of tehse greek speakers
And also very chareteristic bulidng called tge megaron large one
room hall in which chief and follwers and associated families lived
like a longhouse this one room you don’t find in the settle sites of
the early
Linear a and b were found in large numbers in the mycenas just
like in the kreetans
Has been transaketed and has been said to be a ealier form of
Organized as warriors advantage was they had a swrd which was
better than swords of there enemies
Had better or more durable swords then predecessors
Tended to be warriors who fought individually and very
Wealth came as much frim plunder as from preoductivity
agriculturally etc reasin we suspect one no indication of any
siphosticated agricuktural and two we do have mentions of what
appear to be mycenians in records of thetiets and Egyptians
referring to ppl called ahhiyawai which agreed to everyone is just
a form of achaeen which appears tp be what mycennenas called
Does appear that mycbeneneans not only spred out conquering
and acting as missionaries with major powerds of period
War like activity and trading they sailed through medditeraien
veen possibly they sailed into England they went further then
anybody else as far as one can see
Now unlike kreetans sites that were under war mycenan sites
were more fortified
Were in castles unlike kreetan plalace settings
Appears mycenan societies were structured
Bemeath king and family were what we would called nobles
warriors beneath that also nobles beaneath them seem to be
powerless peasentry and bringing crops into the cnetre where
they would score and redistribute
Collecting gods was a strange phenomena but colletion gods was a
way of exoanding ones power
They only actually as far as one can see if there were large wars if
opponents were very large
A series of independent kingdoms spread throughout Greece and
eastern medditerian who keep surrounding countryside under
close control whether greek peasnets or remincnects of ppl from
A lot of greek heroes when died may be turned into a god
By about 1150 core elemets of mycennan periods disappeared
In effect Greece itself enetered wht ius called the dark ages
Mycenaniean culture disspaered
Also country cant support a huge amount I people doesn’t have that much
agricultural land
Access to east relitavely easy don have to sai far to get frim island to island
Another limitation the greeks faced as upposed to mycenaneans was the fact
there were no significant rivers
Rainfall isn’t as reliableconsquence of this the greeks remained fragmented
The mycenans new iron there swords were made out of bronze
Cremation came in/ was founded before then the dead were buried in graves
Cremation always remained the norm throughout the classsicla greek
Furtheromore it does appear horse riding came in again very limited but
wealthy people would ride horses
Mycenan warriors they would ride horse and fought on foot
By about 1050 only significant element of mycenian culture that survived
was the potters wheel
In mycenenan world and world after little tlk of normal people consisted of
aristrcatric and noble beief rest were nobody
Warriors preyed on ordinary ppl
Was gift giving society