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Lecture 6

ACS 210 Lecture 6: Israel & Persia

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Arts and Contemporary Studies
ACS 210

Emergence of Monotheism Lecture Note February 2, 2017 Israel Hebrews Levant Monotheism Impact of later religious traditions Did no develop in isolation Part of cultural system of the Ancient Near East Rejected urban life style o Followed herds around the land Origins of Hebrews: Sources Hebrew bible o 24 books written in Hebrew ca. 9 2 century BCE Later supplemented by the Greek Septuagint o Translations of the Hebrew bible into Greek in 3 century BCE Dead sea scrolls ca. 2 1 BCE Creation to History Genesis o Earth was a void like Sumerians and Egyptians believed Hierarchy o God created people to be overlords and dominators of other creators in the world Disobedience and punishment o They can also transgress because they have freewill o But there are consequences to ones disobedience of god Adam and eve get kicked out of the garden Eden Age of Patriarchs Families wondered led by elder patriarch Women were inferior and men owned everything Covenant God of the Hebrews Elohim, El (generic word for god) Covenant legally binding contract A patriarch, Abraham, is approached by god o Tells him to lead his family away from the land o Worship this god and in return he promises to call the Hebrews that they will be the Chosen People
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