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Lecture 7

ACS 210 Lecture 7: Pre-Classical

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Arts and Contemporary Studies
ACS 210

Preclassical Mediterranean March 16, 2017 Greek Chronology Foundations of greek civilization (ca. 3500 1000 BCE) o Minoans o Mycenaeans took off after 2000 BCE o Dark age The Archaic Period (ca. 1000 500 BCE) o Colonization o Consolidation of the Polis The Classical Period (500 323 BCE) o Golden age o Athenian democracy o Peloponnesian war o Alexander the great Hellenistic Period (323 31 BCE) o The world after Alexander the great Mycenaeans City of Mycenae Started up around 2000 BCE Until alexander the great came along, the Greeks cities and states were autonomous o The shared culture and ideas but had different governments Militarized society Traders Social complexity The Dark Age (ca. 1150 800 BCE) Cities collapse, and were not rebuilt Population shrank The epic poems of Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey likely was inspired by this age Religion and gods were models for societal values We know of the god and religion from Homer (ca. 800 BCE) and Hesiod (ca. 700 BCE) Theogony, works and days Religion Polytheistic o Formed pantheon Honouring gods with prayers, sacrifices, processions, music, dancing Sources: Homer and Hesiod Religion was reinforced through practice of cult
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