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Lecture 9

ACS 210 Lecture 9: Socrates

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Ryerson University
Arts and Contemporary Studies
ACS 210

Ancient Greece (Philosophy) March 30 Example: Chair is not its sensible look (blue, 4 legs, hard) o Itself isnt sensible because there are many particular chairs o But itself is intelligible o By questioning we confirmed what we already knew The form of the chair or Eidos or idea (translated as look or intelligible look) When youre in touch with the intelligible thing, youre in touch with the ideal which allows us to recognize what is good chair and what isnt o You got insight in order to recognize the form, without someone telling you what it is o There is one eternal reality, truth of what the chair is o There are distinctions in reality itself, we dont make them o There are many particular chairs that are sensible But these are impermanent, come to be and pass away, This is becoming Eidos translates to idea but that refers to forms as just mental concepts o Socrates says no, it is reality The Divided Line What is known Ways of Knowing Forms (Eide) Active Insight investigating forms by the forms through rational speech dialectical thinking move from a presupposition to a beginning free from presuppositions Intelligible Knowledge Forms (Eide) Thinking investigating forms via sensible things (math) more from presupposition to a conclusion
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