BCH 463 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Cell Theory, Purple Bacteria, Cyanobacteria

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26 Feb 2018

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Vast space!
Leads to the perception that the evolution of life could not have happened by itself but it has to
be created by something else - predesigned !
We have the exact monomers that the polymers are made of!
Dierent conclusion - we know that life is made out of polymers composed of those monomers !
Argument: Life is too complicated to exist the way it did!
Follow the 5 LAWS!
- if you are wrong = not your fault!
disprove or rule out the simplest model !
explains all data!
no or few arbitrary elements!
testable predictions !
Any theory that cannot be tested is not a theory !
We cannot say that we know anything!
Big Bang Theroy!1.
1-> 4 starts!2.
leading to heavy elements!3.
Earth 4.5 M years ago !5.
50 thousand years - major bombardment > rocks are being replaced all the time!6.
All available oxygen is only available in water!7.
8. Another 50 000 years where we don't think there was any life on the planet!
9. Early life forms ---------------------------------TODAY!
10. Archaea --------------------------------> chemoautotrophs!
Similar to nuclear DNA - nuclear DNA of Archaea similar to our own !
11. Archaea: function: chemoautotrophs !
12. Eubacteria -----------------------------> Heterotrophs !
13. Cyanobacteria -------------------------> Photoautotrophs ***!
14. [O2] goes up!
15. Aerobe bacteria FeS/ purple bacteria !
16. Eukaryotes !
17. Endosymbiotic event ------ Protists !
18. Cyanobacteria comes into Algae ***!
19. Higher plants!
20. Slime molds!
21. Fungi!
22. Protozoans!
23. Animals !
Protists that we have around today!
important evolutionary !
single celled algae and algae that live in colonies !
2.Slime molds !
3.Protozoans !
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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