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BLG 144
Ron Babin

Absorption And Active Uptake Of The Products Of Digestion In Small Intestine Glucose  Absorbed by epithelial cells using a protein carrier  This protein carrier works by secondary active transport (co-transport system)  Glucose and Na+ are transported across the membrane into the intestinal cell  Further transport of glucose into blood capillaries by facilitated diffusion  NOTE: Fructose moves entirely by facilitated diffusion! Amino Acids  Absorbed by epithelial cells by secondary active transport  Co-transport carrier proteins absorb amino acids and Na+ across the membrane o Different carrier molecules transport different types of amino acids o Carriers are associated with peptidase  Passes from the epithelial cells into capillaries by facilitated diffusion  Newborns don't produce trypsin, HCl → proteins are not digested before small intestine is reached o Whole proteins may be transported by endocytosis and exocytosis o Uptake by endocytosis, release into blood by exocytosis o Often occurs in newborns due to their immature mucosa o Allows passage of antibodies from mother's milk - provides passive immunity for the infant o Accounts for many early food allergies as the protein is recognized as "foreign" Lipids  Triglycerides digested into monogylcerate + glycerol + fatty acids by li
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