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Growth And Its Measurement Methods Of Measuring Growth  Human growth is diffuse (→spread throughout) o Adult is taller, larger from front to back, has larger organs than a child  Growth: permanent increase in amount of organic matter o Produces new cells and increases size of existing cells o Somatotropin (→growth hormone) stimulates cell division, protein synthesis / released by anterior lobe of pituitary gland o Monitored by standing height and body mass  Development: physical, emotional, mental, social changes throughout live Supine Length (unable to stand → infant's length)  Infant is placed, on it's back, on a table  Ankles are gently pulled to straighten infant's leg  Length is measured from top of its head to base of its heels Standing Height  Person standing with their heels flat on the ground  Horizontal bar is moved to touch the top of the person's head Body Mass → Amount of Organic Matter [Dry Mass → Plants]  Wet body mass (weight) in humans is an INDICATION of organic matter
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