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dendritic cells in the body

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BLG 307
Clare Chua

DENDRITIC CELLS central function is antigen presentation migrant lifestyle various phenotypes  various effects INTRO rapid immune response is important across epithelial barriers difficult because: low ag conc. low TCR affinity/ few TCR’s are specific for ag T-cells are in lymphoid organs ***APC’s reside at interface between host and environment bring antigens to lymphoid organs T-cells respond and proliferate*** OBSTACLES TO RECOGNIZING DC IMPORTANCE very rare in tissue SEVERAL varieties, changing phenotypes difficult to purify in vitro vs. in vivo alters patterns of differentiation DC STRUCTURE / LIFE CYCLE can be found at basal level of epithelium few cell bodies, but numerous projections MHCII localized INTRAcellularly 1) DC progenitors – from bone marrow and circulate in bloodstream take residence in non-lymphoid sites 2) Immature DC’s / LANGERHANS Cells – differentiated for optimal ag uptake BIRBECK Granules – involved in ag presentation MHCII extracellular 3) Veiled Cells – return to lymphoid organs 4) Mature DC’s – reside in T-cell areas of lymph nodes and spleen stimulate T-cells **functions are segregated temporally and spatially** IMMATURE DC’s: specialized for ag CAPTURE & PROCESSING 1) lots of vesicular MHCII 2) MACROPINOCYTOSIS – low affinity/high capacity process 1 cell volume/hour!! regulated – increased by GM-CSF inhibited by LPS, TNF, IL-1 (pro-imflammatory)  costimulatory response 3) ABSORPTIVE Endocytosis – involves pattern recognition resemble mannose-bi
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