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complements in genes

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BLG 307
Clare Chua

COMPLEMENT req. for phagocytosis antibody secretion cytolysis Complement cascade – 2 parts (enzymatic and lytic/pore forming) 3 PATHWAYS TO ACTIVATE C3: CLASSICAL: C1 binds ANTIBODY via Q domain (C1Q) must bind MULTIPLE antibodies FC’s for protease activity (IgM, 2 IgG’s) C1S cleaves C4 into A and B  C4B attaches to bacterial surface attracts C2 C1S cleaves C2 into A and B fragments  C4B + C2A = CLASSICAL C3 CONVERTASE (C3-directed protease) MBL (mannose-binding lectin) same process except MBL substitutes C1 complex binds mannose via its lectin heads then cleaves C4 and C2 to make Classical C3 Convertase **no antibody recognition necessary; bacteria is directly recognized** ALTERNATIVE simplest, most primitive way C3 binds bacterial surface spontaneously then binds FACTOR B which is cleaved by FACTOR D into a and b Bb stays behind PROPERDIN stabilizes C3Bb  ALTERNATIVE C3 CONVERTASE **both convertases have same function: CLEAVE C3 into C3b** both also have sim. structure (C4b:C3b::C2a:Bb) AMPLIFICATION – presence of one C3b leads to activation of 250+ others some bind bacteria covalently (thioester); most are hydrolyzed by water PHAGOCYTO
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