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natural killer cells

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BLG 307
Clare Chua

NATURAL KILLER CELLS part of innate immunity; no prior exposure is necessary anti viral, anti-tumor, transplant rejection, materno-fetal interaction roles protection during T-cell priming period from CD34+ precursors; IL15-driven maturation in bone marrow NK CELLS RECOGNITION 1) ANTIBODY (IgG) 2) ADHESION 3) NON-MHCI expressing cells **NK cells are unique in that they will lyse donor cells NOT expressing ALL host MHCI haplotypes** NK CELLS vs. T CELLS NK – constitutive expression of lytic machinery MHC recognition INHIBITS lysis no activation necessary (by cytokines for example) can release inflammatory cytokines (IFN-g, TNF-b, GM-CSF)  TH1 act. anti-tumor roles perforin-lysis no antigen recognition NK RECEPTORS – inhibitory contain ITIM’s that have downstream phosphatase activity to inhibit intracellular signaling KIR’s – immunoglobin like; can bind MHCI multiple types expressed per cell  more recognition CD94/NKG2 – binds to HLA-E tetramers (non-classical MHC molecules) HLA-E binds to MHCI signal sequences cleaved in the ER activating receptors associate noncovalently with ITAM containing molecules NKR-P1: ligands are CHO’s, CD2, CD69 NKG-2D: ligands are MICA, MICB (MHC homologs that are
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