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tumor immunology

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BLG 307
Clare Chua

TUMOR IMMUNOLOGY Coley’s Toxin – activation of T cells to fight tumors MOUSE STUDIES: RAG2 knockout mice  no B/T cells  totally immunodeficint  MORE cancer RAG/STAT double knockouts are even more susceptible to cancer (STAT is involved in g-IFN signaling activation pathway) Tumors generated in immunodeficient mice that are transplanted to immunocompetent mice CAN be cleared HUMANS – cancer/viral infection can activate INNATE immune response “sensor” systems are specific for certain self-ligands some evidence that correlates immunosuppressive therapy w/ cancer correlation between T-cells that infiltrate ovarian tumors and survivability T cells chance the tumor microenvironment be secreting chemokines melanoma patients: T cells are antigen-specific to overexpressed pigment protein there are more memory cells also NK cells are antitumor cells NKG2D lyses infected cells, cellular stress (MICA, MICB) NKG2A lyses non-MHCI presenting cells (cancerous, virally infected cells) (MHC Classes: Ia – “classical” MHC’s recognized by peptide specific TCR’s peptide independent NKR’s IB – “nonclassical” MHC’s recognized by NK’s, CTL’s)
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