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BLG 312
Franklyn Prescod

 Date of Midterm  February 18 5-7pm  You should have four sections  Production techniques are now the same  Lean production at the lowest possible costs and that involved a flexible workforce and people  Just in time inventory systems  Company used to keep 100s of millions of dollars in inventory  You need huge buildings to store that inventory and you got money tied up and equipment that won’t be used for a couple of months  Steve Jobs is a good example, you should never let failure kill you  Steve Jobs started apple and board of directors replaced him as the CEO  With company founder, Jobs started up a new company  Midas Touch when it came to business  Apple wasn’t doing so well so they asked Jobs back  When he got back, he discovered that Apple had two months of inventor  We got the supplier another two days  This gets vast saving  Just in time inventory pioneered by Japanese and now practiced world wide  Employees are talked to be sensitive quality of product  A number belongs to an employee  Obviously the product he passed  If something happens in the meantime and the flaw the person who checked it  We call that TQM  Total Quality Management o Japanese pioneered this  All transnational corporations are involved in this  Later unions typically resist total quality management because it required workers to cooperate with management team  Unions want works to stay at arms length  You don’t want workers being too cozy to management  Worker management hostility or worker management antago  the barrier between workers and union is broken down  electronic surveillance at the workplace  big brother is watching you camera is watching you  employers can’t put cameras in washroom  opticon refers to a design of early prisons the way they are designed of early prisons, there would be a guard tower and the guards could see prisoners at all times  prisoners were never out of sight of guards  the idea behind that if you know you are being watched you are likely to behave  electronic surveillance watched  AWT  Actual Working Time o Form of electronic surveillance o If an employer is working on a computer entering data, you can’t do it for all jobs o If your job is to sit there at a terminal and enter data, what the company does with working time it puts software in the computer and keeps track of when you stop working o So if you work 7 hours a day and at end of the day printout reveals you only worked 5 hours o Computer supervises work  When workers are aware of that, they are most likely to not slack off  On the political left argue that economic globalization erodes the power of national governments which are democratically elected  So the financial muscle of huge national corporation undermines the nat
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