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Tropical and Substropical Terrestrial ecosystems

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BLG 312
Franklyn Prescod

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 conversions in tropical and subtropical terrestrial ecosystems have been particularly rapid  from 1970-2000, about 20% of coral reefs were lost and another 20% were degraded  6 times as much water is held in reservoirs then in natural rivers  amount of water withdrawn from rivers has doubled  food production contributes the most to economic development and employment ■ 22% of of world's population is employed in agriculture ■ 40% live in agriculturally based households What Options Exist To Manage Ecosystems Sustainably?  Total economic value of a sustainably managed ecosystem is higher than that of an intensively exploited one (ie. clear-cut logging or intensive agriculture)  collapse of the Newfoundland cod fishery in the 1990s due to overfishing resulted in the loss of many jobs  many ecosystems are considered public goods that have no market
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