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Published on 3 Oct 2012
English 4U1 Summative Assignment Outline
Literary Research Essay Rubric
Categories and Indicators Below Level 1
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Use of Evidence
No attempt to relate
evidence to argument
Very little attempt to
support argument with
evidence, or evidence
is irrelevant
Quotes appear often
without analysis relating
them to topic sentence, or
there is a weak topic
sentence to support
Evidence considerably
relates to topic
sentence, though links
perhaps not very clear;
quotations are
Clearly relates evidence
to topic sentences;
analysis is fresh and
exciting, posing unique
ways to think of the
Very unclear; no
logical transitions
evident; no topic
Unclear, often because
thesis is weak or non-
existent; transitions
confusing and unclear;
few topic sentences
Generally unclear, often
wanders or jumps around;
few or weak transitions;
many paragraphs without
topic sentences
Considerably clear
and appropriate,
though may wander
occasionally; may
have a few unclear
transitions, or a few
paragraphs without
topic sentences
Very clear and
understandable, argues
thesis very effectively;
offers excellent
transitions from point to
point; paragraphs support
solid topic sentences
Thesis is unidentifiable Thesis is difficult to
identify or convoluted
May be unclear (contains
vague terms), appears
unoriginal or offers
relatively little that is
new: provides little
around which to structure
the paper
promising, but slightly
unclear or lacking in
insight or originality
Easily identifiable,
plausible, unique,
sophisticated, insightful;
crystal clear
Main Idea
Ideas are almost
impossible to discern
or follow
Ideas lack logical flow,
are self-contradictory,
or unproductive
Logic often fails or
argument is often unclear
Argument of paper is
considerably clear; it
usually flows logically
and makes sense; it
offers occasional
insightful connections
All ideas in the paper
flow logically; the
argument is identifiable,
reasonable and sound; it
makes original
connections which
illuminate thesis
Logic and Argumentation
No examples are used.
Evidence is not
offered. No quotations
are offered.
Very few or weak
examples are
used. Evidence
supports arguments in
a limited way.
Quotations are not
integrated into
Examples of some
effectiveness are used to
support points; evidence
used is inappropriate
(often because there may
be no clear point).
Quotes are poorly
integrated into sentences
Good examples are
used to support most
points, but some
evidence may not
support point or may
be inappropriate.
Quotes well integrated
into sentences.
Strong examples are used
to reinforce every point;
examples support topic
sentence and fit within
Excellent integration of
quoted material into
Writing Process
Very limited or no
evidence of
participation in the
writing process
Very limited MLA
formatting of the essay
Limited evidence of
participation in the
writing process
MLA formatting is
correct to a limited
Some evidence of
brainstorming, editing of
directional statement,
peer-editing, and
polishing of work.
MLA formatting is
somewhat correct
Considerable evidence
of brainstorming, the
editing of directional
statement, peer-
editing, and the
polishing of work.
MLA formatting is
considerably correct
Work thoughtfully shows
evidence of
brainstorming, the
editing of directional
statement, peer-editing,
and the polishing of
work; the writer has
taken into consideration
the comments of others.
MLA formatting is
thoroughly correct
Poor sentence
structure, grammar and
diction; major errors in
citation style,
punctuation and
Problems in sentence
structure, grammar and
diction; frequent major
errors in citation style,
punctuation and
Problems in sentence
structure, grammar and
diction (usually not
major); errors in
punctuation, citation style
and spelling.
Sentence structure,
grammar and diction
strong despite
occasional lapses;
punctuation and
citation style often
used correctly; some
(minor) spelling
Sentence structure,
grammar and diction are
excellent; correct use of
punctuation and citation
style; minimal to no
spelling errors
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