BUS 100 Lecture Notes - Antireligion

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Published on 3 Oct 2012
Shangara Flora
Research Essay: Oryx and Crake Outline
What does this book say about religion? Do you think it is pro or anti-religion? How does
Snowman/Jimmy portray Oryx and Crake as gods?
Atwood is making a definitive statement as to whether God created man or
whether man created God. Undoubtedly she is suggesting that man inevitably, despite
of himself, creates God, with or without outside assistance (explain better). Oryx and
Crake displays a wide variation of religious and biblical references which supports
Atwood’s notion that God is nonexistent, thus proving that this is an anti-religious text.
Jimmy uses Crake as an explanation for the creation of Crakers and Oryx for the
creation of animals. Therefore, Crake became the creator of God and Oryx became the
creator of animals in the eyes of the Crakers. In regards to anti-religion and this book,
we see that the destruction caused by Crake’s vision of perfection leads to a disbelief in
God’s existence and those examples prove that God is a manipulative tool used by
those that subsist power and control, which is a reflection of the past issues our society
still faces. World Figures such as Crake have views that his employees and people
Crake’s temptation to play the role of God, alongside the corporations who
supported Crake’s vision, caused the virus spread and subsequent destruction of the
world. This led to the questioning of God’s existence. God is supposed to be the
gateway to happiness and salvation. When the Wolvogs, Pigs and other creations
escaped, the almighty Supreme Being was not there to eliminate them or save the
people attacked by these creatures. In every case, when you are not given evidence, it
becomes difficult to believe. And in the case of God, when people say he created the
world, if he is not there to sustain it, we lose belief in his existence. Throughout history,
many disasters and catastrophes have struck the world, yet there has been no
reassurance of God’s existence. Since World War II, people have questioned God’s
existence. There have been several books published that ask the question and talk
about the repercussions of the event such as “Where Was God?” – by Remkes
Kooistra. After the Holocaust and the ruling of Hitler, people witnessed the world
plummeting and hope was being lost as God allowed it all to happen. Similarily, in Oryx
and Crake, people witnessed the virus kill those around them and started to question
where God was to save them. Also, there are remarks that the play “Waiting for Godot,”
was entirely those who were loitering by the withered tree waiting for salvation, which
never comes. It seems fairly certain that Godot stands for God. To this day we have
atheists and the modern turn is towards science and the notion of evidence supporting
God Manipulation is not anti-religion, however, those that manipulate God for
their own purposes initially don't believe in God in a spiritual context. In Oryx and Crake,
Jimmy uses Oryx as a God figure to make the Crakers retrieve one fish a week to
continue his survival. “The people would never eat a fish themselves, but they have to
bring him one a week because he’s told them Crake has decreed it.… He told them
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