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BUS 100

Chapter 7 Article 1 four ways to solve a problem page 241-242 After reading this article I resonated with how to effectively solve a problem. There are 4 steps to solving problems, first define the problem, find all possible solutions, pick the best solution and take action. When defining a problem it is best to be particular and detailed about the problem so you can find the best solution. When generating solutions, it takes some brainstorming and research but a little effort will take you a long way. By brainstorming and researching I can find the best solutions for my problem and choose the very best one. After I find my solution I can plan how I am going to make this solution reality then put it into action. After reading this article my goal is to use these four steps in order to effectively solve my problems. I will know when I have reached my goal when I can first analyze the four steps then find my solution. My goal is attainable and can be reached but only with an open mind. My goal is very realistic because it can be accomplished and relevant to my life purpose because it`s important for me to always make rational decisions and to make rational decisions I must be able to effectively problem solve. My goal does not have a time limit, it takes some people their whole life to learn how to make decisions and problem solve. Article 2 ways to create idea page 232-233 After reading this article I resonated with how to create idea by brainstorming .When lost for ideas, the point of brainstorming is to help by generate every possible idea even the crazy ones. When brainstorming, it helps to only think of one problem instead of 2 or 3.It`s also very important when brainstorming to allow all possible ideas and to write them all down even if they are crazy. Brainstorming with friends can be very helpful as well because many brains can come up with many more ideas for a problem. After reading this article I intend to brainstorm more often to get new ideas. To do this I will make a brainstorming chart every time I’m lost for ideas. To measure progress I will see if I am able to add more ideas to my chart every time. My goal is a challenge because it is more time consuming but very attainable. This goal is relevant to my life because being able to generate ideas is important for everything especially problem solving. I would like to achieve this goal by the end of my first year in university to be able to benefit. Article 3 15 common mistakes in logic After reading this article I resonated with how some common mistakes called fallacies. One fallacy is jumping to conclusions. Drawing conclusions or being judgemental are examples of jumping to conclusions without backing them up with facts. Another fallacy is basing arguments based on emotions ,which can lead to a harsh downfall, you must always base your facts on research and emotional should play a very small role in your judgment. Chapter 8 Article 1 choosing to listen page 257-259 After reading this article I resonated with verbal and nonverbal listening guidelines. One of the nonverbal guidelines are to maintain eye contact with the other person. By maintaining eye contact I can keep my mind from wondering and stay totally focused on the speaker. It also demonstrates to the other person that I am being fully attentive and respectful. A guideline for verbal listening is to choose when to speak. Throughout a conversation we will often interrupt the speaker with our own comments and suggestions, to avoid these one sided conversations we should leave our comments until the end, speaker is done talking. As a result of reading this article, I intend to ``choose when to speak`` meaning I will find an appropriate time to respond. I will measure my accomplishments by asking my friends and colleagues. My goal is a challenge because I often blurt out things and can’t hold on to my thoughts but it is defiantly possible to goal is realistic and it is relevant in my life because to major and work in an Human resources department I have to be a great listener and always let people speak before I respond. My goal does not have deadline but I would like to achieve this goal by the end of my first year at Ryerson. Article 2 Five ways to say no..gracefully page 267-268 .I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know how to say no, whether it`s because I don’t want to hurt their feelings or I just want to procrastinate. After reading this article I resonated with how to say no without feeling of the strategies I learned was to think hard about the assumptions we make as a result of saying no. We may think that that certain friend won`t like us anymore if we refuse her party invitation or that friend will think I’m a loser for studying instead of going to a party. But if we think hard about that assumption we realise that they are not real friends if they do not respect our wishes. Another strategy I learned from the article was to plan my refusal, that way I’m not lost for words and I will sound more confident. As a result of reading this article I intend to limit my outings to after I’ve completed some keys tasks. My goal is measurable by the amount of work I get done versus the amount of time I go out. My goal is attainable to reach and takes a lot of self-discipline which I possess. My goal is relevant to my life purpose because saying no is a huge part in a social life and learning to do it gracefully is important. I do not have a deadline for this goal I just hope I learn it come sooner than later. Article 3 7 steps to effective complaints page 269 After reading this article I resonated with guidelines on how to effectively complain when I have a problem. The first guideline I learned is to present the facts without blaming anyone. Complaints tend to be more effective when they carry more facts instead of blame. Noting all the details in the complaint is also very important. Another guideline I learned was if your level of satisfaction is not achieved, go up the ladder. Going up the ladder to people with more responsibility towards the company will often get results because these people tend to care more about the company therefore they care more about the customers a result of reading this article , I intend to effectively complaint about my problems instead of just whining and blaming. My goal is measurable by the amount of legitimate complaints I make. If I keep whining and blaming others when I have a problem, it means that I’m not making any progress towards my goal. My goal is realistic because it can be achieved through habits, getting rid of the old bad habits and in with the new. This is relevant in my life because I will have many problems in life and yelling and whining is not going to change anything. The time limit on this goal is the end of my first year at Ryerson. Chapter 9 Article 1 overcome stereotypes with critical thinking After reading this article I resonated with how to free myself from stereotypes. The first strategies I learned were to test my ideas though action. You can do this by meeting people of different cultures. We hear and believe many inaccurate assumptions about certain groups or cultures but we never directly deal with these individuals, leaving us with negative feeling toward these groups or cultures. A ways to permanently discard these negative vibes is to join a community organization or a group that will put you in contact with people of other cultures. Another strategy I learned is to set your own stereotype, let go of the negative inaccurate pictures I our minds and embrace diversity. As a result of reading this article, I intend to learn more about different cultures. I will measure the progress of my goal by the knowledge of different cultures that I achieve. The steps I will take to achieve more knowledge about diversity are to join different cultural groups and speak and make friends with different people then myself. It is reachable for me because I’m a kind and accepting person accepting differences will not be difficult for me. The deadlines I am setting for this goal is my four years at Ryerson. This goal is important to me because working in HR I have to be very knowledgeable and accepting of different cultures and people. I intend to reward myself by going put with my diverse group of friends. Article 2 dealing with seism and sexual harassment page 303-304 After reading this article I resonated with strategies on how to respond to sexism and sexual harassment. The first strategy is to point out sexism language or behavior. For example if your teacher says something sexist, respond by I feel hurt and pointing the sexist statement or behavior. Another strategy I leaned was observing your own language and behavior to make sure you’re not being interpreted as sexist. When we speak we often don not realise we are offending someone else by what we say for example today most kids will say ``that’s gay` `not to offend gay people, just meaning they do consider something cool. We think it is no harm but if a gay person was listening he would be offended. Asking friends to let you know when you’re being offensive can help in changing your speaking behavior. As a result of reading this article, I intend to watch my language so that I do not offend anyone. A way I could measure my progress would be to ask my friend sot let me know when I’m being offensive. The steps I will take will be to write comments that could be interpreted as sexist and keep an open mind. It is reachable for me because I always think before I speak. The time limit for this goal is the end of my four years at Ryerson. This goal is important to me because I do not like offending people especially when I don’t mean to so learning to control my own language will help. I will reward myself by having a huge milkshake. Article 3 leadership in a diverse world 307-309 After reading this article I resonated with how to be a more effective leader, which leads us to better understand the way we influence way I can be an effective leader is to listen. A leader talks a lot but also listen to others people feeling. Listening entails taking the time to understand what the person is saying before responding or judging. A leader also takes on big projects to see if they can handle it and know that the success can better many lives. As a result of reading this article I intend to be more of a leader by listening more intently to others when they speak. I can measure the progr
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