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After reading my clearfit report, one of strengths that I resonate with is coping with change in a workplace. Coping with change can be difficult for most, especially when it comes to understanding and accepting new conditions within the workplace. An example where I had to cope with change throughout my life and did it successfully is last summer. I work as a waitress in a restaurant and I’ve had the same boss for 5 years. He is young, very laissez-faire, kind, and easygoing. One day I come in to work and we have a new boss, old, really strict and goes by the book no matter what. In order to keep my job and keep my boss proud of me I had to cope with the many changes that he was putting into effect. I was able to change my work habits by conversing less, helping everyone ,not smoking until the end of my shift and cleaning all the time. I was able to do this without temperament or an irrational attitude which tells me that I do have a strength when it comes to coping with change. Another strength I have is that I am able to work well in different kind of situations and conditions. When the time calls for it, I am able to work independently or in a team, either way, I am able to work effectively. For example, I was able to get an 80% on an independent French project where I had to research, write, and present. Even though writing is not my strong suit I was able
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