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BUS 100

Teams Role Assessment Description After completing the preferred team roles assessment, I was surprised to see that I scored average on all 5 team roles, because I do not like working on teams much. I have participated in many group projects before and never really enjoyed the process. I always found it hard and annoying and I found myself saying: «I wish I was doing this alone «It may be because I never chose the right people in which to do a project. Although I am a very organized person when I work on teams which is why I feel I scored a 12 out of 15 in the initiator role. I tend to always be one of the first people to put out the objectives of the group, divide the work I necessary and lay out the meeting times. I think that that is a important role within a group because it keeps the group on focus and n pint with all the necessary deadline and untimely play a factor I the success of a team. Analysis Mcshane and Steen say that forming team roles is a very important part of teams. Team roles are a set of behaviors that people are expected to preform because of their team position. The initiator role describes people who have a strong inclination towards organising group, setting meeting, setting goals and making sure the steps are taken to achieve them. My top role is the initiator role since I am very organised. I learned to be organized at a Yonge age because of my mother, who was very controlling and always made schedules and list for everything. Although when was young, I was a very quiet and shy kid and I had a hard time voicing my opinions and plans to other in my group. I was always a follower and never gave my input even though I had good ideas and it sometimes lead to a very unsuccessful outcome on the projects and a bad experience overall. Also my greatest need is the need for achievement ,therefor I would pick the initiator role because I’m able to develop the goals for myself as well as the group and make sure that I will achieve these goals at the end. My need for achievement is very high today because when I was a kid I was quiet and got bullied a lot. It made me have very low self- esteem, and made me feel as though I was not as good as everyone else in my class. So to make myself feel better I relied solely on my achievements to make me feel as if I was equal to everyone else. This gave me the confidence I needed to boost my self-esteem and helped me get rid of the shyness that didn’t allow my real personality to shine through. The initiator role can also be very important within the norming stage of team development where teams are establishing their objectives and ,duties. The role I would least likely take on is the gatekeeper role which is people who encourage all team member to participate in the group. I do not like working on teams much and would usually voice my opinion o how to get work done and of course listen to other people’s input but I would not encourage others to participate, I usually feel that if they don’t voice their ideas they just do not have any. But writing this assessment makes me realise that some people could just be shy or quiet or a little insecure and need that boost from others to help them voice and share their ideas just lie I did when I was young. Conflict Handling styles Assessment Description After completing the conflict handling quiz, I learned that compromising is my top conflict handling style. When conflict arises on teams, I’m usually one of the first people to try and find solution that will benefit both sides. A few years ago, I was one of those people who only cared for themselves and the only solution open to me was the one that would benefit me. Over the years I learned that if everyone had that view nothing would ever get solved and that being hard-headed would get me nowhere. People didn’t like to work with me because I had had a very narrow view of things and only saw situations on way. Now, having learned my mistakes, I always like to view situations from other people’s stand point then come up with a fair solution to the issue. I was shocked to see that I scored a 13/20 in the avoiding conflict handling style because I feel that that is too high for me .Avoiding is the one of the last handling style I would use because when I don’t voice my opinions and issues they just weigh down on me and I’m not able to direct all my attention at the task at hand. I was also shocked to see that I scored 18/20 in the forcing handling style. I feel that the forcing handling style is a very ineffective way to solve issues especially when it depends on an important project. Forcing a certain solution on a team just causes the issue to re-emerge at a greater level later on, it’s just like putting a Band- Aid on a deep would without any medication. Analysis Mcshane and Steen say that the problem solving problem solving interpersonal handling styles is based on a win-win orientation were both parties come to a mutual agreement. That seems to fit well with my score of 18/20 on the conflict handling quiz. I always try and see both sides of a situation even when I do not agree with the other party. For example I recently had a group project where we left everything to the last minute and we ended up having four people to work on a PowerPoint and I was left to do the entire five page case. In my opinion this was a huge issue because I has to do all the heavy lifting for the entire project, so i immediately voiced my opinion. I used the problem handling style and said that 3 people should do the mini case and 2 people should work on the PowerPoint and since we had not started I was open to doing either parts. I thought this was a fair solution to the issue because it allocated more resources
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