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BUS 100

Intro- Social media lets customers find you, like you, trust you, and recommend you Simply put, Facebook is the  easiest way to build a robust community around your brand.  The messaging you fold into a site like this — your  promotions, messages, thoughts, replies, and updates — let you engage your clients on a deeper level than anything  else in marketing.  Facebook lets you hear your clients' concerns, amplify their kind words, and stay active in their  lives.  And most importantly, Facebook lets you tap the unprecedented power of friend networks.  There is no source  of opinions, advice, or recommendation on the planet better trusted than our friends.   Slide 1. Facebook ranking- Facebook has become a leader in advertising currently working with more than 300 Canadian companies in ongoing advertising campaigns with a remarkable success rate of over 96%. With dedicated marketing and research teams, Facebook can reach specific customers by analyzing habits, demographics and interests: a valuable tool in targeted marketing. With more than 14 million active users, and growing daily, Facebook can provide access to a vast market unavailable to any other media outlet. Slide 2. Benefits of facebook With over a billion users Facebook can be a vital tool to help promote a growing company. Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy Marketing activities that would cost thousands of dollars through other channels such as telemarketing or tv advertising can be done on Facebook for a much smaller cost. This makes it easy for small and growing companies to also be able to advertise effectively to millions of potential customers. Share basic information about your business According to the finicial time,facebook has reached 1 billion users worldwide and is currently reaching the widest global audience.By creating a facebook page the company can publize the business name,address,contact information and showcare their product or service. Having a Facebook page is the hub of your marketing process. Facebook page allows users to become a fan of your company’s product and your company logo appears on their profile feed and is visible to all their other friends. In short, it’s a chain process of networking, where your company logo travels from one user to a next. This marketing creates exposure to the company and in turn creates brand awarnes to milinons peoplewho can be future potential customers . Talk to existing and potential customers You can use Facebook to 'talk' to and engage your existing and potential customers by posting and receiving messages. Being able to communicate with customers and answer questions and respond to negative or po
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