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BUS 100
Louis Pike

English 4U1 Summative Assignment Outline Literary Research Essay Rubric Categories and IndicatorsBelow Level 1 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 0-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70-79% 80-100% KNOWLEDGE AND No attempt to relate Very little attempt to Quotes appear often Evidence considerablyClearly relates evidence UNDERSTANDING evidence to argument support argument with without analysis relating relates to topic to topic sentences; evidence, or evidence them to topic sentence, or sentence, though links analysis is fresh and Use of Evidence is irrelevant there is a weak topic perhaps not very clear;exciting, posing unique sentence to support quotations are ways to think of the analyzed material Very unclear; no Unclear, often because Generally unclear, often Considerably clear Very clear and logical transitions thesis is weak or non- wanders or jumps around;and appropriate, understandable, argues Analysis evident; no topic existent; transitions few or weak transitions; though may wander thesis very effectively; sentences confusing and unclear; many paragraphs without occasionally; may offers excellent few topic sentences topic sentences have a few unclear transitions from point to transitions, or a few point; paragraphs support paragraphs without solid topic sentences topic sentences THINKING/INQUIRY Thesis is unidentifiable Thesis is difficult tMay be unclear (contains Considerably Easily identifiable, identify or convoluted vague terms), appears promising, but slightlyplausible, unique, Thesis unoriginal or offers unclear or lacking in sophisticated, insightful; relatively little that is insight or originality crystal clear new: provides little around which to structure the paper Ideas are almost Ideas lack logical flow,Logic often fails or Argument of paper is All ideas in the paper impossible to discern are self-contradictory, argument is often unclearconsiderably clear; it flow logically; the Main Idea or follow or unproductive usually flows logicallyargument is identifiable, and makes sense; it reasonable and sound; it offers occasional makes original insightful connections connections whi
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