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BUS 100
Louis Pike

a) manorial system -seigniorial system, economic and social system of medieval Europe under which peasants' land tenure and production were regulated - Medieval Europe - Breakdown of political structures in Europe forced the creation of self- sufficient manorial estates - Serfs and peasants tied to land and owed service to manor lord in return for protection - Feudal society based on tradition and custom with an absence of money transactions GATT - post WWII Von Hayek - free markets National Energy Program Energy Crisis Industrial relations and disputes Stagflation Untraded dependencies John D. Rockefeller Harold Adams Canada US FTA John Mayard Keynes “is it nominated in the bond” b)Milton Friedman -advocates free markets and monetarism c) PC 1003 - Paternalism era (1907-1948) impact of WWII: - PC 1003 passed in 1944 - copied U.S. New Deal legislation, adding conciliation requirement - collective bargaining enshrined in Canadian law for the first time d) NTT e) Quiet Revolution - 1960s, during third industrial revolution - period of intense change: national identity, welfare state, govt took over health care and education from church, unionization of civil service, economic progression - Growing Nationalism -Quiet Revolution – Quebec – Francophone majority threatened to separate - economic repercussions - liberal provincial gov’t Jean Lesage who took over Maurice Duplessiss in 1960 f) initial endowments and staples g) limited liability i)zaibatsu - Industrial growth of Japan, 1867- 1945 -Japanese economy controlled by conglomerates known as zaibatsu -Family-owned holding companies with horizontal links across a wide range of industries -Four largest zaibatsu were Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, and Yasuda -Mitsui family had business origins in the 1670s -By 1914, Mitsui was heavily invested in banking, textiles, and coal mining -Mitsubishi family controlled the Japanese shipbuilding and railway sectors -Zaibatsu closely allied with the Japanese government -diminished 1945 following WWII under US occupation b)cotton gin c)Prairie Wheat Boom e)scientific management -Common in Canadian industry from 1900 to 1920 -Frederick Winslow Taylor perfected this managerial method -Scientific rationalization of the work process - Increased specialization -Intended to benefit workers in theory by removing arbitrary demands of management -Efficiency gains at the cost of tedious repetitive work -Henry Ford and assembly line production best example of Taylorism g)Bank of Canada -Bank of Canada established in 1935 -Central control of Canada’s monetary supply -Initially controlled by private interests b
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