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CHY 104
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

The branch of science which deals with the composition and properties of matter, changes in matter and the laws or principles which govern these changes is called Chemistry. Branches of Chemistry Physical Chemistry The branch of chemistry which deals with the physical properties and physical behavior of material things is called physical chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry The study of all elements and their compounds except carbon is called inorganic chemistry. Organic Chemistry The branch of chemistry in which we study the compounds of carbon is called organic chemistry. Analytical Chemistry The branch of chemistry which discusses the analytical methods for getting information about chemical compounds and chemical processes is called analytical chemistry. Biochemistry The study of chemical compounds present in living things is called biochemistry. Industrial Chemistry The application of chemical knowledge in technology and industry and the preparation of industrial products are called industrial chemistry. Steps Involved in Getting Information in the Scientific Method Science is not only an integrated knowledge of physical and biological phenomena but also the methodology through which this knowledge is gathered. The process of scientific discoveries is a cyclic process. In science the facts are gathered through observations and experiments and then theories or law are deduced. The scientific method include following four steps: 1. Observation 2. Inference 3. Prediction 4. Experiment 1. Observation The observations are made by the five senses of man. Men made equipments are also used for making observations. For example microscope is used for observing minute objects. Thermometer is used to measure temperature. Sensitive balance is used to determine the mass of a very light object. The capacity of man made instruments is also limited. But it can be improved by improving technology. Thus better and more reliable information are given to the scientists who produce better result. Information acquired through careful observations are called facts. These facts are foundation of scientific knowledge. 2. In
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