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SCI 183 lecture one

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CHY 183
Raji Iyer

January 15+16, 2012 Forensics = law  Organic is anything related to carbon  Midterm- multiple choice  Final exam multiple choice + short answer  Textbook can be used as a reference  Anthropometry- the study of the body  Labs are popping up but they are not being synced with one another  There is a lot of drug abuse so more labs are needed to analyze these drugs that are seized  There is a lot of DNA profiling needed  Technical support is divided into five basic services o Physical science unit o Biology unit o Firearms unit o Document unit o Photographic unit  There are optional supports o Toxicology o Latent fingerprint unit o Polygraph unit o Voiceprint analysis unit o Evidence-collection unit (preservation and protection are the most important aspects)  The scientific method o Formulate a question o Formulate a reasonable hypothesis to answer the question o Test the hypothesis through experimentation  A forensic scientist must be able to explain the scientific method and explain it, how the technology works, and apply the knowledge to all different types of evidence o Must be able to provide an expert testimony  An expert witness is called when the court lacks the ability to do so  Forensic scientists participates in training law enforcement  The Frye standard: the evidence in question must be ‘generally accepted’ by the scientific community  The Frye standard is not an absolute prerequisite to the admissibility of scientific  Judges are gate keepers of determining what evidence is accepted in the court  Peer review is important in research  What are the errors, and how were they caused? Movie in class: Medical Detectives- Knot For Everyone  Victim one (Stephanie Brown) found face found, in an isolated area  Ligature marks on her neck 
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