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CHY 183
Maria Arts

Bhoola, Nazir and Zaidi1 Increase in Open-Angle Glaucoma on Canadian Population Nusaiba Bhoola, Majda Nazir and Leena Zaidi Professor Maria Arts SCI 181 th Due: October 28 , 2011 Bhoola, Nazir and Zaidi2 Increase in Open- Angle Glaucoma on Canadian Population Key Words: Open-angle glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, Central Corneal thickness, optic nerve and risk factors Open-angle glaucoma (OAG) is increasing in disease severity in Canada. Open-angle glaucoma which results from Ocular Hypertension is the build up of fluid inside the eye causing damage to the optic nerve. Thus, the optic nerve does not function normally because of the fluid in the eye which cannot be drained. This fluid results in high pressure on the optic nerve, alternatively called Ocular Hypertension (OH). Studies from the Journal of Ophthalmology, (2011) show that more than half of those tested were diagnosed with early to moderate OAG. The factors which plays an important role in glaucoma diagnosis are age, physiological condition of the eye, smoking, family history, gender, and region. The prevalent risk factor found within the subjects is their old age as well as their physiological conditions of the eye. Study results concluded that following high levels of OH, adults over the age of 40
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