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Lecture 1

CHN 301 Lecture 1: CH11Lecture Talking about the Weather_1

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CHN 301
John Stowe

Lesson 11: Talking about the Weather LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this lesson, you will learn to use Chinese to Employ basic terms for weather patterns and phenomena Describe simple weather changes Compare the weather of two places Talk about what you may do in nice or bad weather Present a simple weather forecast RELATE AND GET READY In your own culturecommunity 1. What is the typical weather in spring, summer, autumn, and winter? 2. Where do people get information about weather? 3. What weather related outdoor sports are popular, if any? 4. How do people feel about rain or snow? Dialogue I Language Notes 1. W gngci k nle wngsh ng de tinq yb o, mngtin tinq b jntin gng ho. Bd n b hu xi xu, rqi hu nunhuo ydinr In a sentence with the (bd n), (rqi) (not only, but also) structure, the conjunction (rqi) in the second clause is generally required, while the conjunction (bd n) in the first clause is optional. 2. ! N hish z iji k n di ba! (di) means a small plate or something that resembles a small plate. It is now often used to refer to DVDs. The phrase (k n di) thus means to watch a movies or TV series on DVD.
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