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Lecture 5

CHN 301 Lecture 5: CH13Lecture Asking Directions_1

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CHN 301
John Stowe

Lesson 13: Asking Directions LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this lesson, you will learn to use Chinese to Ask for and give directions Identify locations by using landmarks as reference Describe whether two places are close to or far away from one another State where you are heading and the purpose of going there RELATE AND GET READY In your own culturecommunity 1. Besides the basic such as hello, how are you, whats up, and so on, what are some other common greetings? 2. What phrase do people often use when that they dont have a good sense of direction? 3. What do people usually say to indicate that they dont have a good sense of direction? Dialogue I Language Note ? Xio bi, xi kle? Sh ng nr q? (sh ng nr q)is a more casual way of asking (q nr) Di nno zhngxn miyu yndngchng n me yun. N zhd o xuxi o t sh gun z i nli ma? Here (nli) is a question word meaning where. It is interchangeable with (nr). People in northern China, especially in Beijing, speak with an (r)ending quite often. For example, some people say (mngr) for tomorrow instead of (mngtin), and (zhr)for here instead of (zhl). Shdi n z i shnme dfng? (shnme dfng, what place) is generally interchangeable with (nr) or (nli). Grammar 1. Direction and Location Words Direction words (sh ngxi qinhuzuyudngnn xbilw ipng) often combine with suffixes such as (bin), (mi n), and (tu). As shown below, such compounds become location words. The suffixes (bin), (mi n), and (tu) are all pronounced in the neutral tone, with the exception of the (bin) in (png bin), which remains in the full first tone.
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