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CMN 124 Lecture Notes - Phrasal Verb, Adpositional Phrase, Independent Clause

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CMN 124
Kathryn Voltan

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Verb It is an action like run, walk etc.
Voice- A term that describes a verb’s ability to show whether the subject of a sentence acts or is acted
Phrasal verb A verb that combines with one or more preposition to deliver its meaning
Pronouns Words that replace or refer to nouns like everybody, somebody etc.
Personal Pronouns I, you, and me
Ambiguity misinterpretation of a sentence due to double meaning
Phrase Group of words containing a subject or verb, which cannot stand on its own as a complete
Clause Group of related words containing a subject and a complete verb; when it delivers full meaning
it is called an independent clause; when it doesn’t deliver a full meaning by itself, it is called a
dependent clause.
Dependent clause A clause that cannot function on its own as an independent grammatical unit
Independent clause A clause, containing a subject and complete verb that functions on its own as an
independent grammatical unit
Subject The word or group of words in a sentence that acts or is acted upon
Simple Sentence one independent clause, straight forward and empathic
Compound sentence two independent clauses, joins related sentences with coordinate conjunctions
such as for, and, nor, but or, yet, so.
Complex Sentence one dependent clause and one independent clause, a clause introduced by a
subordinate like although, while, even if, etc.
Compound-complex sentence one dependent clause and two independent clauses
Prepositional phrase A phrase beginning with a preposition that sets out a relationship in time or
space. Such words include with, at, to, by, against etc.
Declarative Sentence Sentence that makes a statement
Parallelism The use of the same grammatical forms or matching sentence structures to express
equivalent ideas. Example of what not to do, He hid, biting, spit
Comma Splice The error that occurs when two independent clauses are connected with nothing more
than a comma
Fused Sentence (Run on Sentence) Two or more independent clauses erroneously run together
without the use of required punctuation or coordinating conjunctions
Sentence Fragment A portion of a sentence that is punctuated like a complete sentence but does not
deliver full meaning