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Lecture 3

CMN 279 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Book Design

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CMN 279
Carolyn Meyer

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Introduction to Professional Communication
Lecture 3 Notes
Report Essentials
Research Report
An account of what had been published on a topic by accredited scholars and
The compilations of findings from a piece of research
Reviews relevant and current research; demonstrates your knowledge of the subject;
contributes to the knowledge base of the field
Allows mangers and co-workers to stay informed, review opinions, plan, and make
Provides information in a complied and organized fashion
Considered to be legal documents
Must be accurate, complete, objective, selective and structured
Types of Reports
Progress reports
Compliance reports
Analytical reports
Justification/recommendation reports
Feasibility reports
Investigative reports
Incident/accident reports
Think About:
Who will use your report decision makers (upper management), managers
How will the report be used decision making
Where do you start audience analysis, research
How managers read reports
Will always read the summary
60% will read introduction
50% will read the conclusions/recommendations
15% will read the body of the report
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find more resources at
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