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Lecture 1

CMN 279 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cyberwarfare, Body Language, Communication Theory

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CMN 279
Dianna Nubla

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1. CMN 279 – Lecture 1 January 21,
Chapter 1 – Getting the message across
“common” (Latin root word)
Transmission of ideas, emotions, and skills (adaption)
oCommunication also deals with sharing meaning with others
oInterpret/make sense of the world around us
oCommunication theory is to study what happens when we communicate and
how we interpret symbols
Communicating for change
Text, visual/images, technology
Soft skill
o“emotional intelligence”
oInterpersonal skills
oManaging people
oLanguage (knowing what words to use)
oIn a work environment you will likely need a soft skill to get the job
Hard skill
oTechnically oriented
oEasily learnt
oIn a work environment you will likely need a hard skill to get an interview
Knowledge economy
You will be hired based on your education and critical thinking
Allowing them to move forward through research and development
Risk societies
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