CMN 313 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Jargon

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15 Aug 2016
CCMN313 – Lecture 11: Executive Summary and Letter of Transmittal
Letter of transmittal: formally hands the report to the recipient (a.k.a. a preface, forward).
Short, less than a page, direct. Open with the purpose of the letter (e.g. “I am pleased to submit
the final report…”).
Uses language such as, “Here is the report you requested on…”
A brief description of the report purpose (why it was done and what it is to
Sometimes brief reference to authorization (e.g. VP of Finance)
oImportant if audience may not be aware of circumstances leading to
the report
Helpful contextual information to help readers better understand (e.g.
changed circumstance during/after report written)
Does not discuss contents of the report.
Executive Summary: short synopsis/summary of full report. Length depends on length of
report. Typically has same main headings as the report or some are in simple paragraph form.
Highlight main points while provide context to make sense of the order. Often too long or
includes non-crucial info.
Provides reader with important information about content.
Quickly identify where more detailed info is located.
Assess implication of key points and recommendations.
Major sections reduced to a paragraph.
Essential paragraph reduced to a sentence.
Written last
oUseful to read the entire document?
oWhat sections are worth reading or priorities to read?
oContain must know information (e.g., data, recommendations) or information that
is likely to be contentious or controversial?
oShould someone in the reader’s organization be alerted about the report or
should sections of the report be delegated to someone for follow up and
management (e.g., issues management)?
oWhat are the readers' options with respect to the report (e.g., is it something that
requires immediate attention, is it of peripheral interest)?
Covers: How, why, when, where, what, and who.
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