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Semester One Lecture One Prehistoric Art

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MPC 103
Iain Cameron

ART & CLASSICALTRADITION Semester One PaleolithicArt Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it -Edmund Burke The Makapansgat & Jasperite Cobble -3 Million Years BC, SouthAfrica -Not carved or modelled, the formations on the rock are not manmade. However, evidence suggests that the cobble was carried a great distance by a primitive human in order to be taken back to their cave. It is the first known instance of a human being recognizing their likeness in an inanimate object. -May not be considered the first work of art, however, perhaps the first ready-made? Painted Slab,Apollo II Cave, Namibia -2600-2800 BC -Painted figures of animals -From the paleolithic era -The animals art shown in profile, likely due to the fact that a view from the profile offers the most complete essence of the animal. VERY FEW HUMANS ARE FEATURED IN PALEOLITHICART Nude Woman (Venus of Willendorf), Austria -28,000-25,000 BC -Limestone -Probably not representative of a deity -Likely a fertility image -Note preoccupation with the female form in the paleolithic era, due to women's role in procreation and the survival of the tribe -There is no attempt at naturalism (No face) -It is a generic statue of femininity Woman HoldingABison Horn; Laussel, France -25,000-20,000 BC -Painted limestone -It is a relief sculpture -Traces of colouration on the stone -An example of an early public sculpture Bison, detail of a painted ceiling inAltamira Cave, Santander, Spain -c.a. 12,000-11,000 -Painted using ground ochre mixed with water -The ceiling is 85 feet long -Note that cave paintings are very frequen
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