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Romantic Art

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MPC 103
Iain Cameron

ROMANTICART EMOTION OVER REASON SENSE OVER INTELLECTM IMAGINATION HEIGHTENED EXAMINATION OF HUMAN PERSONALITY STRESSED INDIVIDUALVIEWPOINT NOT THE NORM IRRATIONAL, SPONTANEOUS CONCERN WITH LOVE, DEATH, EMOTION ROMANTICS DISSATISFIED WITH HERE & NOW – DREAM OF DISTANT PLACES OR THE PAST FREEDOM FROM CLASSICAL CORRECTNESS CREATIVE SPIRIT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN STRICTADHERENCE TO FORMAL RULES ART CAN ENOBLE HUMANITY BY IT'S LACK OF NECESSITY LEGITIMIZATION OF LANDSCAPEASANART THEODORE GERICAULT (1791-1824) -1818/19: The Raft of the Medusa -contemporary event in the language of a history painting. Radical. -notion of addressing the contemporary -a very political painting -questioning the authorities in power -1822/23: The Cleptomanic (Portrait of an Insane Man) =1822/23: Woman with a Mania of Envy EUGENE DELACROIX (1798-1863) -1824: The Massacre of Chios -”When the tones are right, the lines draw themselves” -Looseness, not clearly defined by line -Champion of romanticism, individualism -Contemporary statement about Turkish massacres on the Greek islands -1827/28: The Death of Sardanapalus -Orientalism -Manifesto painting for Romanticism -Violence indicated by movement, oppositions and colour. There is no gore. -”The true basis of cruelty is lust” -1830: Liberty Leading the People (28 July 1830) -Quotation of s mythological figure -Liberty drawn as a real, live woman -Shows ordinary people, the marriage of classes supporting the revolution -Doesn't sanitize revolution, corpses in the foreground. Evidence of looting, stripping of bodies. -Indication of barricades -1834: Women of Algiers -Exaggerated brilliance of colours -Exoticism FRANCISCO DE GOYA(1746-1828) -1800-01: the Family of Charles IV -Goya became the court painter -failure to enoblize. Realism. -one woman whose face is turned away: future wife of the crown prince. He was unmarried at the time this was painted. -1797-98: Capricho #53. What a Golden Beak! -darkness of the human mentality, satirical prints -Key piece is #43, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. -1812-14: Disasters of War # 5-And the were as wild beasts -Soldiers & civilians committing atrocities
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